Just My Type} Navy & Blush Wedding Stationery Suite

Happy Thursday beautiful people!

The sun is shining and the sky is blue here in Hamilton, Waikato today. Nothing like clear skies to lift your spirits and give you a boost of energy! I’m also bubbling over with excitement to share this new stationery suite here with you all. This crazy-in-love couple had their big day at the luxury wedding venue Sarnia Park, in Cambridge this May. The bride Sarah, is originally from across the seas in the UK, and managed to combine a trip home to visit family with the ultimate bridesmaid gown shopping spree – sigh! Sarah and Nick filled their day with personal vintage touches, like flower filled 1950′s glass coke bottles discovered on their farm, and sweet custom bunting strung up with twine.

Have a squizz at the suite below, I just love the manilla place name tags with their guests meal choice on them!


A special thank you to the lovely Sandra at Miss Daisy for once again helping me select some beautiful florals to put with it! x

Liking the look of this custom wedding stationery suite? I’d love to chat about the ideas you have for your own upcoming nuptials or event! Feel free to email me at gem@justmytype.co.nz for a wedding pow-wow about creating the perfect stationery just for you.


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Just My Type} Navy and Gold Wedding Stationery Suite

Well, hello there lovelies. Apologies for going quiet over here on Just My Type for the last few months, all is back on track now though and I can’t wait to share with you next month my exciting explanation for this absence…! So on that rather mysterious note, I’m going to kick-off my return to blogging with this gorgeous wedding stationery suite. This wee gem is a project that was one of my very first wedding stationery suites. The bride and groom married on a hot January day in picturesque Taupo this year, and were based overseas in London at the time of design. Across the oceans we successfully put together this classic invitation suite with a modern chevron twist.

Just-My-Type-Wedding-Stationery-Navy-and-Gold-1Just-My-Type-Wedding-Stationery-Navy-and-Gold-2 Just-My-Type-Wedding-Stationery-Navy-and-Gold-15 Just-My-Type-Wedding-Stationery-Navy-and-Gold-14 Just-My-Type-Wedding-Stationery-Navy-and-Gold-13 Just-My-Type-Wedding-Stationery-Navy-and-Gold-12 Just-My-Type-Wedding-Stationery-Navy-and-Gold-11 Just-My-Type-Wedding-Stationery-Navy-and-Gold-10 Just-My-Type-Wedding-Stationery-Navy-and-Gold-9 Just-My-Type-Wedding-Stationery-Navy-and-Gold-8 Just-My-Type-Wedding-Stationery-Navy-and-Gold-7 Just-My-Type-Wedding-Stationery-Navy-and-Gold-6 Just-My-Type-Wedding-Stationery-Navy-and-Gold-5

Just-My-Type-Wedding-Stationery-Navy-and-Gold-4 Just-My-Type-Wedding-Stationery-Navy-and-Gold-3

Liking the look of this custom wedding stationery suite? I’d love to chat about the ideas you have for your own upcoming nuptials or event! Feel free to email me at gem@justmytype.co.nz for a wedding pow-wow about creating the perfect stationery just for you.


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Just My Type} Mothers Day Gift Card Template

Well hello there lovely people! Loooong time no hear, huh? All my fault, entirely of course. But I think I’ve had a pretty good excuse! I’m now officially a married women, and even more truly, madly, deeply in love with weddings and all that they stand for than ever before.

So, I thought I would kick off my return to Just My Type with a bit of stationery love for you all. Yup, its Mothers Day next Sunday peeps here down-under, and if you’re into keeping it sweet & simple like I am, you might be inclined to print, trim & fold this sweet wee gift card for your mumma (or mumma-in-law!) too.

{Printable template  here}

Enjoy! x

Just My Type Mothers Day Gift Card

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Just My Type} Wanaka engagement shoot by Alpine Images

Ahhh the mornings are getting darker and the evenings colder huh my friends. Soon the time for slippers and an extra blanket on the bed will be upon us! To ease this seasonal transition, I have to share tonight a sweet & cozy engagement shoot that will warm your cockles! Shot by the amazing Wanaka based Alpine Images, Yeah and Henrys engagement shoot is filled with big smiles and the picturesque backdrops associated with this beautiful part of our country. I’m also extra EXTRA excited to share these because I’ve been working with these guys on their wedding stationery for their April wedding!

Thinking these gorgeous shots look particularly amaze…? Yup, these babies were shot using film. Old school cool.

Just-My-Type-Wanaka-Engagement-Shoot-Alpine-Images 10Just-My-Type-Wanaka-Engagement-Shoot-Alpine-Images-6Just-My-Type-Wanaka-Engagement-Shoot-Alpine-Images-4Just-My-Type-Wanaka-Engagement-Shoot-Alpine-Images-2Just-My-Type-Wanaka-Engagement-Shoot-Alpine-Images Just-My-Type-Wanaka-Engagement-Shoot-Alpine-Images-3Just-My-Type-Wanaka-Engagement-Shoot-Alpine-Images-9 Just My Type Engagment Shoot Wanaka Alpine Images 5Just-My-Type-Wanaka-Engagement-Shoot-Alpine-Images-8Just-My-Type-Wanaka-Engagement-Shoot-Alpine-Images-7Beautiful photography by the talented team at Alpine Images.
Big thank you to Yaeh & Henry for letting me share these pics – you guys are awesome!



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Just My Type} ‘My Deer’ wedding stationery suite

Oh I’m super excited to share with you guys this evening my latest wedding stationery suite. This suite has an elegant colour palette of grey and champagne, and features an ornate wreath and pair of handsome antlers! Combined with steel grey ribbon and delicate guinea fowl feathers, this suite is the perfect mixture of classic & rustic.

Just-My-Type-NZ-Wedding-Stationery-Wreath-DeerJust-My-Type-NZ-Wedding-Stationery-Wreath-Deer-2 Just-My-Type-NZ-Wedding-Stationery-Wreath-Deer-3Just-My-Type-NZ-Wedding-Stationery-Wreath-Deer-6Just-My-Type-NZ-Wedding-Stationery-Wreath-Deer-4Just-My-Type-NZ-Wedding-Stationery-Wreath-Deer-5Just-My-Type-NZ-Wedding-Stationery-Wreath-Deer-11 Just-My-Type-NZ-Wedding-Stationery-Wreath-Deer-7Just-My-Type-NZ-Wedding-Stationery-Wreath-Deer-8Just-My-Type-NZ-Wedding-Stationery-Wreath-Deer-9Just-My-Type-NZ-Wedding-Stationery-Wreath-Deer-10And to top it all off, a delish date & coffee cupcake from the talented team at The Girl on the Swing. Was almost too perfect to eat… almost.

Liking the look of this wedding stationery suite?
Each suite is ready to be customised with your details and to perfectly match your weddings’ colour scheme. Interested in specialty printing? Trying to stay within a tight budget? I provide full assistance with printing – whatever your requirements!

These Ready-To-Go Stationery Suites are priced at $200, and each suite includes:

  • Official Invitation
  • RSVP Card
  • Information Card

Further details, options and information can be provided. Please feel free to email me your queries at gem@justmytype.co.nz!


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Custom Illustration} Baby butterfly

Hello all you lovely people! How was your weekends? Are you feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed on this muggy Monday? I have to share with you tonight a bit of pretty to lift your spirits, if the Monday blues happen to be getting you down. How uber lovely is this butterfly illustration and calligraphy quote? It’s one of my faves, and I know the receivers of this custom illustration love it too!

Just-My-Type-baby-Butterfly-Illustration-2 Just-My-Type-baby-Butterfly-Illustration

If you love this as much as I do and would like one for someone special who is expecting, please don’t hesitate to contact me at gem@justmytype.co.nz

There is a  selection of limited edition, hand numbered & signed prints available and ready to go now! Have a squizz at them here.


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Just My Type} Handmade kraft paper signs

There’s just something about handmade kraft paper signs! Especially when done in white and with wreaths. I had the pleasure of creating these two for the super lovely Laura and James wedding last year, and I’m looking forward to creating some for our own wedding next month. The list of things to make for our nuptials seems to be growing longer every day… I just keep finding so many creative and inspiring ideas!


Just-My-Type-Kraft-paper-signs-4Just-My-Type-Kraft-paper-signs-2 Just-My-Type-Kraft-paper-signs-3Love these babies as much as I do? Get in touch to chat about creating one for your own big day or special event!



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Just My Type} Olive wreath & kraft paper

Ahhh, you can’t beat a good wreath, nor beautiful kraft paper! Check them out combined here for the order of service for the lovely Laura & James wedding last year. Their big day was a relaxed affair, styled with olive branches and handmade touches. Tomorrow I will be sharing the hand painted kraft paper signs I made for this cool couple too!

I think an order of service for your wedding is a special little extra, a nice momento for your guests. Not to mention, a great way to help friends from afar and distant cousins figure out ‘who’s who’! I’m looking forward to creating ours next month (squeal of design delight!).

Just-My-Type-Kraft-paper-Order-of-service-2 Just-My-Type-Kraft-paper-Order-of-service


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Just My Type} Mint & gold baby shower stationery

Well, I have the sweetest baby shower invitation to share you with guys here tonight. It was such an honor to get to work with the family of this super yummy mummy, and to create something special just for her and her future baby girl! They were after something elegant, classic and feminine to suit their garden afternoon tea, and I think this bee motif and calligraphy custom invitation suite did just that!



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Just My Type} Engagement photoshoot

Oh I’m so excited to post these up here tonight! Last year, we went out to Te Awamutu to meet our super amazeballs wedding photographers Jo and Nita for coffee! We clicked instantly, and had a right laugh dodging cow poos in an olive grove after to get a few practice shots in front of the camera. I highly recommend doing an engagement shoot with your photographer before your big day. It gives you a chance to understand how they work, get an idea of how you look on camera (must pull back shoulders on our big day!) and most of all, to allow your groom to realise having his picture taken isn’t that bad after all. Bring on the wedding photos!

Just-My-Type-Engagement-shoot-7Just-My-Type-Engagement-shoot-8Just-My-Type-Engagement-shoot-4Just-My-Type-Engagement-shoot-14Just-My-Type-Engagement-shoot-9Just-My-Type-Engagement-shoot-3Just-My-Type-Engagement-shoot-13Just-My-Type-Engagement-shoot-5Just-My-Type-Engagement-shoot-6Just-My-Type-Engagement-shoot-11Just-My-Type-Engagement-shootJust-My-Type-Engagement-shoot-2Just-My-Type-Engagement-shoot-15Just-My-Type-Engagement-shoot-12This is just a tiny selection of the awesomeness that Jo and Nita took on the day – it was hard work to cut the lot down to these ones! We are so incredibly lucky to get to work with such talent, and super excited too!

Feeling blessed x


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